June 17

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Hello everyone,

some new events have come in  and so here is a round up of what is happening very soon:

- 23rd June: pardon aka fete de St Jean. There are a few tickets left for the meal, on sale at the Mairie and Ti Melen. Anikó will be singing later at the church in Callac.

- 26/27th June: Anikó is being a busy girl !. The choirs will be getting together in Callac on the 26th and in Plourac'h on 27th. Come along and hear how the choirs are doing or better still talk to Anikó about joining in!!!

- Club du Roc'Hellou have their final session for the summer on 2nd july. The line dancing from their recent birthday party went really well.

- Ares have their big charity day on 6th july "Tous Perchés".

- The ecurie have a riding course on July 6th.

- Joëlle will be singing in Breton, at St Guenole on 20th july. 

- Finally for all you footies fans, Ti Melen are extending their opening hours while the UEFA is on.

All details are on commune de Plourac'h. ( Plourach qr code