July 2023

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Hi Everyone,

 Lots and lots of events are taking place over the next couple of weeks mainly from individuals
Aniko has 3 events:
Concert with Momo on July 26th at 19.00 in St Gwenole. Entry is free, donations accepted
Choir intensive Day Sat 29th July. Aniko has put together a very full program and details are available directly from aniko.toth3@gmail.com
 There will be an on line Summer Kids event for singing lessons/vocal coaching  Again full details from Aniko on https://www.kokovocals.com
 Ann Ray has an art exhibition  at the Mairie in Belle isle en Terre from 24th July - 11th Aug
 David Wright has had his first book published - Imago. See thewrightline.com
Michel Priziac has written a new book about Plourac'h. It is available from the Mairie and Ty Melen

Barry Childs has written his fifth book, this time about Qunatum Mechanics and Gravity Waves - Does It Matter?: The Unresolved Conflict between Quantum Mechanics and Einstein's Theory of General Relativity: Amazon.co.uk: Childs, Barry: 9798397839754: Books

Simon Errington is now doing a lot of the gardens that were previously looked after by Mikael before he became the village Cantonnier.

Ti Melen has started offering a parcel delivery/receiving service

Caroline is involved with The Solidarity Garden in Callac for organising a Poetic and Artistic Stroll on Sat 5th Aug 10.00 - 18.00
Free entry with donations towards the gardens

Steve Kilpatrick is offering Mastering for Rock and Metal Music. The studio is gathering pace!!
The 3eme age group will be trying out a Book Club for writers with Fiona Laycy. Fiona has written many books and will be able to lead the group and offer advice to new writers
There is also talk of Scrabble coming to the club alongside the belote, Crafting, triominoes etc
Don't forget that boules is continuing and for those who did not get to see it the Fountain has been refurbished and is well worth a visit.