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Hello everyone,

a quick reminder of the May and June events in the village.

Anikó have live-streaming her concert last night.
Along with Momo she had singing a real mixture wich includes some of favorite folk songs.

One event that we would love all of you to help with is the Environment Day 14th May. Flyers are in the process of being sent out but we do need help to tidy up the center of the village ready for neighbourgs Day and the Pardon. There will also be one group that clears up the village footpath (Hent an Lanniou). It is in conjonction with the school who have a project to show you. Please, please make every effort to come along even if it is only for an hour.

The events for May and June in date order are:

- 4th May 10 - 12 fermented drinks at Vertuose in Callac.
- 5th May ARES plant walk starting at Kergus. Learn all about the local plants with their properties - eating, medicinal and poisining !!!)
- 14th Environment Day as already mentioned. The 7th May is reserved for organising the event.
- 19th ARES Bird Walk
- 19th Yves Marie is organising a new event in the center of the village. He should be annoucing confirmation very very soon.

- 2nd June Neighbours Day. Come along and show your neighbours all the tidyng up that you did on Environment Day and the School project.
- 8th June Club du Roc'Hellou will be celebrating its 40th Birthday.
- 8th ARES orgainic vegetable gardening starting from Callac.
- 23rd Village Pardon.

- 6th July ARES have their annual Big Day at St Maudez. Very creative again with a different theme.





latest news,

Yves Marie has confirme that the Fest-Deiz will go ahead on May 19th.
As this is in the street in front of Ty Melen the road will be closed off the traffic.
- 12.00 start with Apero sonné/chanté !!! This is where anyone can come along and sing or play their instrument. Some of our talented locals have indicated that they will join in.
- 14.00 Fest-Deiz with Modkozmik, Denis/Unigeau, chanteuses etc, etc
- 18.00 Finish

There will be food available from a food truck and of course drinks from the bar.

This is a first for the village so come along and make some noise and some moves!!!

The Pierre "Le Bigault" will be taking place again this year but with a different format and will include cycling, randonnee, jogging and children events. There will also be musical events such as a Fest-Noz. It takes place on Sat 29th June. Some roads around the aera will be closed.

The link is: Plb Muco

You can read all about these and other events in both English and French on the village Web Site: Plouractualites