October 13,2023

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Hello everyone,

Let's start with a couple of reminders.

Saturday 14th Oct is the CCAS meal in the Salle at 12.30. This is the first time since Brexit that eligible Brits have been invited. Yannick has worked well to find a way round the restrictions and he will be joining in the festivities

3eme Age club have their meal on Sunday 29th Oct at Le Mojenn in Bolazec

There is a new association in the village,  "BEOVEG" I believe that it is icelandic for Road or Way forward. They have a website and a Facebook page so that you can see all about them.  In summary they are organising social and cultural events in Plourac'h, starting with 2 festive events

- On Tuesday 31st Oct the will be a Halloween night, mainly in the Salle 
- And then on 3rd Dec there will be a Xmas market.

Being a new organisation they need all the help they can get, so pls come along to one or both events.

Lena has the screen in the bar for the rugby this weekend. It is both Wales and Ireland on Saturday and England and France on Sunday. It has been a good atmosphere for the group stages and promises to be even better for the knock out rounds

ARES had their Fest Noz on saturday and it was a great success so a very big thank you to all who helped and attended.

Just to refresh the weekly events in the village


Monday, Learn french (or learn english if you are french!!) at 14.15

Tuesday 3eme Age club - cards, sewing, knitting, writers group, scrabble etc. Knit and natter with Lena at 16.00

Wednesday  Boules

Thursday Choir

Friday Boules