Carnival: Next meetings

plourach By On Fri 06 jan 2023 at 15:30

In Carnival of Callac


It's going on in the communes of the Callac catchment area!


The festival committees, communes, associations and inhabitants invite you to join this event which will take place on Sunday, April 2nd!

The next meetings near you:

- La Chapelle-Neuve Friday 6 January at 7pm at the town hall!

- Bulat-Pestivien Monday 9 January at 6.30pm!

- Plourac'h, Plusquellec, Carnoët, Bolazec, meeting on Thursday 19th January at 6.30pm at the Plourac'h multipurpose hall!

General meeting on Tuesday 10 January at 6.30 pm at D2 rue du Cleumeur in Callac.

Open to all!