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The report of the last municipal council is online: Town hall ==> The Municipality ==> City council minutes




Expected for too many years, OPTICAL FIBER is finally available in Plourac'h.

You can now contact your Internet Service Provider.


Map of all fiber-eligible locations.


offers 2 days of information on 27 and 28 March 2023


Orange plourac h

"Click on image"

Comité des fêtes

Holiday forecast for this year 2023


- Fête des villages prévue le Dimanche 21 Mai

- Fête patronale prévue le Dimanche 25 Juin

- Fest-Diez ou Fest-Noz (en prévision le 5 Août)

- Halloween prévu le 29 Octobre

- Marché de Noël prévu le Samedi 9 Décembre

ARES Calendar


Progr ares 2023


Oppose the closure of a class on the SRPI of Plourac'h, Plusquellec and Carnoët.

Sign the petition HERE



The mayors of Carnoët, Plusquellec and Plourac'h are still threatening to resign.

France 3 Here

Choir at Plourac'h.


Meeting every Thursday from 6.30 pm to 7.30pm

Salle Théophile Le Men

Follow the news in Blog => Choir => Choir at Plourac'h

Good news!!

The "Ranch" in the Ville Neuve is back in business,

with a new identity.

Ecurie de Plourac'h

1/1000 scale models of lighthouses


05 phare ouest


Caroline PAQUETTE.


Cinéma Callac

La belle equipe


Wind project

in Plourac'h.



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