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Mars 2023

By On Sun 19 march 2023

Hello everyone,


  ARES have completed their program for this year

- 16th April   Indian cooking with Geeta in Cregoat, Carnoet
- 30th April  Plant walk starting from 11 Rue du Presbytere Plourac'h
- 14th May  Bird walk around Presqu'île du Rhuys (Morbihan) . Car sharing from Pont ar Gwin Carnoet at 07.45
- 3rd June  Organic vegetable growing. Callac, Duault and St Servais
- 9th July   Walk and Country Cabaret at St Maudez
- Oct          Fest Noz

A reminder that Ti Melen have their St Patrick's music evening on Friday 24th March. Food and drinks will be on sale.
The music evenings seem to becoming very well known!!

Orange are coming to Plourac'h!!   The fibre is all set to go in the village and Orange will be here to check your eligibility and explain. 
Orange will be in the main parking on 27/28th March.



February, 2023

By On Fri 10 feb 2023

Hello everyone,
   The weather is showing the first signs of warming up, birds are nesting and daffodils are flowering!! 
   Along with the weather news the associations are putting together their plans for 2023
  The Comité des Fetes have
Fete des Villages            21st May
Pardon/fete de St Jean     25th June
Fest Noz                         5th Aug
Halloween                      29th Oct
Marche de Noel              9th Dec
  Pierre le Bigault 
cycle event   24th June
   4 of the circuits are scheduled to pass through the village
  Callac Carnival, with a float from Plourac'h, will be on April 2nd
  Steve Kilpatrick 
has his own Newsletter which tells of his new life in Plourac'h with explanations of his music. 
The video is stunning!!  Well done Steve!! (thanks also go to the Milsoms for their help). You can follow him on Facebook.
  The weekly calendar shows
  Monday        AEKB
  Tuesday        Club de Roc'hellou
  Wednesday   Danse Breton, Boules, Yoga
  Thursday      Choir
  Friday           Boules
In Choral

Choir at Plourac'h.

By On Sat 21 jan 2023


I am Anikó 'Koko', a resident of Plourac'h.


 Photo page Facebook


Fête des Voisins

By On Sun 27 nov 2022

On Sunday, the Plourac'h festival committee


organised the neighbours' festival called "Plourac'h's village festival".