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November, 2023

By On Wed 08 nov 2023

Hello everyone,

Well, that was quite a storm!!  
Very sorry to hear about all the damage to people and property.

October 13,2023

By On Fri 13 oct 2023

Hello everyone,


By On Tue 19 sep 2023

Hello everyone,

September 06, 2023

By On Wed 06 sep 2023

Hello everyone,

In Choral

Choir at Plourac'h.

By On Sat 21 jan 2023


I am Anikó 'Koko', a resident of Plourac'h.


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Le Poher

By On Fri 09 sep 2022

News in "CentreBretagne"

Ouest France

By On Thu 25 august 2022

Plourac'h today

Le Télégramme

By On Wed 03 august 2022

Plourac'h Today