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A few details on the courses.

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The idea of the chorale is to have a sense of community while learning vocal technique basics, American/English pronunciation and French pronunciation through songs in a variety of styles (pop, jazz, folk, musical theatre, classical, etc.). I will partly be led by my own tastes, but I am happy to take group suggestions for repertoire. In the past, I even taught a song in Japanese (since there were about 5 Japanese members!), so it's fun and international.

We will start with basic singing technique (vocal hygiene, physical and vocal warmups with piano, sitting and standing positions for postural and vocal health...), simple melodies and rounds (to develop harmony singing), choral etiquette (how to follow the leader, don't come smelling of sweat or perfume, ensure you can see the leader/conductor, sit with space between you for health, don't attend if ill, etc.).

At first, we will have piano accompaniment (me!), or backing tracks, as needed.

Recommended to bring: 

- Pencil + eraser/ rubber

- Dictaphone/phone memo app for parts singing / outside practice

- Black ring binder for a uniform look for when we perform (not urgent)

- Bottle of water / herbal tea

- Comfortable, warm clothing

- A pillow for lower back, footrest (if needed)

- A meal / snack about 1 hour before

- Adequate rest previously

It will basically include mini-singing technique lessons and will give potential clients an idea of how I teach, too.

Cost: free for first trial session.(monthly bookings)

- 5€ per session.
- 4€ for retirees.

Policies: Participants are requested to pre-warn me of any absences each month, so repertoire (based on attendees' voice types, e.g.) can be chosen appropriately.

Questions to kokovocals@gmail.com are welcomed, and people can join the Facebook group Koko Vocals Chorale