December 2023

plourach By On Mon 15 jan 2024 at 19:07

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Hello everyone,

it is Chrismas time and some of the usual activities are due to change with the holiday season.

The Fest Deiz booked for sunday 10th Dec has been cancelled due to illness.

The club de Roc'Hellou will meet on Tuesday 19th Dec and then again on Tuesday 16th Jan for their AGM.

After the first successful meeting of the photography group led by Armand Le Madec this event will continue next year.

AEKB have their last meeting for this year on Monday 18th. It will be a festive meeting and Xmas Jumpers are requested!

The Maire, Yannick Larvor, will hold his "Wishes" on Sunday 7th Jan at 10.30.

Don't forget that the traditional Breton greeting for the New Year is "Bloavezh Mad"