"I was born near Manchester. I escaped the city to find solace in nature. I have always been creative since a young age, starting off with reproductions of celtic art, painted and carved , which lead to be offered professionnal work as an art restorer. For 13 years, I have worked on listed buildings (such as Windsor Castle and the Queen private chapel at the Savoy hotel), cathedrals… I have also restored many historical paintings ... I was living in a forest when I began to work with green wood. This brought on a change of career.

After years of carving (wood and stone), I experimented with turning bowls and fashonning spoons. I have done so for more than 15 years. I demonstrated my skills in festivals and sold from my boat on the Kennet and Avon canal, in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. I ran green wood classes (including making wood bridges, fences, cabins… using only dowels, as well of course as making spoons and bowls) for numerous organisations in England. I make my own charcoal for my forge, create my own tools from recycled steel. I then sculpt different objects from green/fresh wood fo every day use. I find the whole process a wonderful meditation.

I never kill a tree for my work. I just use wind fallen wood or offerings."


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