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Hello everyone,

"I'll see you, as usual, in the village of Carnoët from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm, always in the company of Elisabeth (Les Pains d'Eli), who offers you good organic sourdough bread... And Morgane, who offers you good and creamy organic goat cheese ...

We are joined by Arno Affûtage who offers you his sharpening services but also the sale of renovated old tools ; he will be present every last Monday of each month : for September, this Monday 26/09/2022, for October it will be Monday 31/10/2022 ... Don't hesitate to bring all your knives, pruning shears and other sharpening sickles ...

We have a newcomer who has just added to our market: La Pizza'askya from Plonevez du Faou, which offers good pizzas cooked over a wood fire. It is present at the market from 5pm to 9pm.

For my part, I offer seasonal vegetables: salads, red cabbage, garlic, potatoes (Maïwenn, Allians and Mona Lisa) ... I also offer peppers (3 colours: green, red and yellow), shallots, as well as aubergines (black and purple), cucumbers (long Dutch and spiny), onions (red, yellow and pink).

Leeks are arriving, as well as bunches of carrots.

Tomatoes: round, old (black crimene, pineapple and roma) and cherry (red and yellow) ...

Don't hesitate to come and join us. 


Monday from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Infos 06 78 30 75 54


Marche carnoet



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