SRPI School Primary Canteen CP CE1 CE2 CM1 CM2

The "SRPI" 

of Carnoët, Plourac’h et Plusquellec was created in its present form in 1983.



The organization of SRPI is based on a distribution of children in the 3 communes with:

- Plusquellec small and medium section, large section and preparatory course (CP)
- Carnoët CE1 and CE2
- Plourac'h CM1 and CM2

To date, about twenty children attend these classes, or a total of 80 students.

To go to school, a bus service, supported jointly by the SRPI and the community of communes (Guingamp Paimpol Argoat)
works as follows:
- The bus leaves from Plusquellec at 8.30 am, to go to Carnoët and then Plourac'h, for a return to Carnoët and Plusquellec.
- in the evening, journeys in the opposite direction start from Plourac'h at 4.30 pm.

Each school has a canteen. Meals are prepared and served on site.

For out-of-school services, in the morning from 7.30 am and in the evening only in Carnoët until 6.30 pm

For the organization, 9 agents work daily to welcome all our children.

The secretariat is based in the municipality of Plourac'h (open every wednesday)

The municipalities appoint from their councils 3 elected to form the syndicate, that is a 9 person SRPI council.

The budget of the SRPI (250.000 €) is financed by the 3 communes and the payment of meals and childcare by the parents.

The ambition of the 3 communes is to do everything possible to maintain our 3 schools.


They therefore encourage all parents living on our territory to send their children to our SRPI


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