inhabitants, Finistère


Plourac'h, commune located on the borders of the Côtes d'Armor and Finistère has a
church that the public authorities considered it to be an historic monument the
29 January l9I2 both for its architecture and for its rich furniture.

The "Vox Populi" calls it "Argoat Cathedral."

Former primitive Breton parish (ploe or plou: need to immediately supervise the
barely Christianized populations, at a time when structures did not yet exist
monastic; rac'h can be derived from gwrach meaning heap, mound. (Let’s not forget that the
village is at 223 meters above sea level).

Plourac'h was in the bishopric of Quimper until the
Concordat of 1801 and the archdeacon (part of a diocese under the jurisdiction of a vicar
general) of Carhaix, today in the diocese of Saint Brieuc-Tréguier. Under the former
Plourach regime was part of the seigneury of Carnoët. Its fiefs, the most important
were Bourgerel, Guerneven, Coëtrescar and Kerdaniel.

At the beginning of I790, it elected its first municipality.

After the 1876 census, it adopted definitively the spelling of Plourac'h.

- In November I7I9, the Marquis de Pontcallec, on the run after the failure of his conspiracy,
hid in the rector’s house at the rectory (attempt to raise an antifiscal cause
occurred in Brittany in 1718-1720, at the beginning of the Regency. Led by a party of
the small Breton nobility).

- In 1790, for 2 years, the rectory served as barracks for a garrison of about 20
of soldiers, the church and outbuildings serve as a stable and forage store. The
many damage will be done to the cultural and cultural heritage (especially the yew
will be burned by soldiers for their use and to make saltpeter).

On August 30, 1799, a mobile column of Guingamp Republicans reinforced by a
Sixty volunteers, mainly from Lohuec, face off against
led by De Bar called the Invincible. The fight sees the victory of the revolutionary and caused the death of a dozen royalists.



Courtesy of Mr Jean Paul Rolland,

author of "Plourac'h 22".

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