Saint Jean Baptiste Church


Cathédrale de l'argoat


Cathedrale de l argoat nuit

The architectural examination of the current building indicates five main campaigns of

1- At the end of the fourteenth century, construction of a church, of which remain pillars, the
large arcades and the eastern gable of the main ship.

2 - In the last quarter of the XVth century, construction of a south porch leading
the removal of the diaphragm arches supporting the bell tower and, consequently, of it.
Reconstruction of the gutter walls, as well as the wing chapels of the chæur, and, without
doubt, construction of a bell tower-wall.

3 - At the end of the sixteenth century, reconstruction of the western gable and the base of the
bell tower wall, construction of a chapel north of the nave to the right of the fourth and
fifth spans. Finally, drilling or repair of the North and South windows of the wings of the

4 - In the seventeenth century, completion of the bell tower and construction of an ossuary.

5 - In the nineteenth century, construction of the sacristy, dated 1818, to replace a
older, then restoration of the building.

In February 1998, the municipality, in consultation with the public authorities, began
renovation of the roof of the building that threatens to collapse ! The work will last ten
month. Three companies will tackle the task; Runan's armorican companions
will take over the roof; the UCO of Morlaix will redo the roof and the company Lefèvre of Pordic
will resume masonry.

In October 2009, in the continuation of the work on the Church of St. Baptist,
Monseigneur Fruchaud, Bishop of St Brieuc and Tréguier, will inaugurate the new
stained glass windows designed by the quintinese Hubert de Sainte Marie workshop.
The construction site, from its conception to the realization, was followed by the architect of the buildings
from France Mr Christophe Batard.



Courtesy of Mr Jean Paul Rolland,

author of "Plourac'h 22".


















"Plourac'h 22"

Ouvrage eglise st jean baptiste

avaliable at the "Mairie".



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