April 2024

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Hello everyone,

The environment day will be May 14 and will be in conjonction with the village school It will be in 2 parts, clearing the footpatch Hent an Lanniou of the debris left by the recent storms.
preparing the center of the village for Neighbours Day and the Pardon. At the end of the day there will be a shared meal etc.

But we do need your help to make the village as présentable as possible.

There will be a meeting to discuss the arrangements on Tuesday 7th May in the purpose room. And flyers will be appearing in and around the village very soon.
The meal for the retirees (aka the CCAS meal) will be on Sat 12th Oct. Invitations to be sent out later.
The club du Roch'Hellou will be celebrating their 40 years birthday on Sat 8th June.  come along and see what they have been doing!!!

On 28 April ther are 2 events.

 - The Versatile Ranch Horse have organised a concours equestre. Full details from DDranch. This is on 27th and 28th.
- Our Carolin together with Guy and Yvette Joncour (La doyenne du viage) have an Open Garden at Botmel on 28th. More details onthe Plouractualites site. 

A reminder that in June we have 3 important events for your calendar.
- 2nd Neighbours Day
- 8th. Club du Roc'Hellou birthday bash
-23rd fête de St Jean - The village Pardon

Finally the 2 flats above the school have now been let and the plans have been approved for the village to build another new house behind the "boulodrome/parking. The village is expanding!!!

All details in both English and French are on the website Commune de Plourach.


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