Environment day

On Mon 29 may 2023 at 09:00

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02 96 45 03 62 / 06 08 78 80 32

22160 Plourac'h

Hello everyone,

Last year, on 28 may 2022, you may have participated in the first "Environment Day" in Plourac'h, organised by the commune, the school and citizens wishing to preserve our rural environment.

This year, the Mayor would like to repeat this operation on Monday 29 May (Whit Monday) and has asked to me to prepare this day.

I would therefore like to know if you are interested in participating in this world day which, this year, has as it theme "Fighting plastic pollution". (See this website)

Please send your answer by e-mail to oseraie@orange.fr or by phone to 02 96 45 03 62 or 06 08 78 80 32.


See you soon.



Le Télégramme.

Journée Citoyenne


9 a.m: Participatory worshops (parking "allée des boules")

- Waste pick-up at roadsides, operating roads, hiking trails or other degraded areas for which you would like action.
- Hand weeding of the village lawns

10.30 a.m: Preparation of the Picnic

- Preparation of the volonteer's picnic with the means available.
"La Mairie" offers aperitif, drinks, cheese, bread and coffee.

1p.m: Picnic shared in the Theophile Le Men room.