Vieille branche

Open doors...

On Sun 13 august 2023 from 13:00 at 18:00

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GAEC "La Vieille Branche" - pont Melvez Free

At "La Vieille Branche".... 

GAEC "La Vieille Branche" Kernicol, 22390 pont Melvez

Top of the morning!

On the afternoon of Sunday 13 August, La Vieille Branche opens its doors.
We are delighted to welcome the new show by Les Poulettes à roulettes.
It's an opportunity to show you our daily surroundings, our beloved animals and our farming practices.
At the end of the afternoon, there'll be a snack bar, refreshments and Irish music.

See you there!

Nora and Julo
GAEC La Vieille Branche
lieu-dit Kernicol
22390 Pont-Melvez.

Who are we?


Hello everyone,

We've finally relaunched our organic peasant production on a beautiful farm on the edge of Tregor, in Kernicol, Pont-Melvez.
On 40 hectares of hedged farmland, we raise two magnificent herds of goats and cows, self-sufficiently (pasture, forage, cereals).
Our poitevines and fossés goats and their kids have 10 hectares of meadows in the immediate vicinity of the goat farm.
On the other side of the railway line, we graze around fifteen suckler cows and their calves, as well as a few steers and heifers for fattening.